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Tips for choosing the right German language institute 

What is the one basic thing you would consider when you visit a restaurant or when you buy clothes from an online store? Reviews, right? But even while working through reviews, there are always crucial factors to be kept in mind. This becomes even more vital when one is considering to join a German language institute, 

There are several factors like fees, tests, language levels, exam centres, qualification of the teacher and more that could overwhelm a potential student. Let us break this down for you. A properly functioning and structured German institute is the first thing that a student should look for. 

It is important to know about the examination that one is applying for. ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) is a government approved examination and assessment system for German as  foreign/second language. Its certificates are internationally recognised and  ÖSD exams are conducted worldwide. ÖSD certificates are valid for working or living in DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). 

For students who are still confused about the validity of the ÖSD certificates, these are valid for an unlimited period of time. But universities and workplaces could have varying requirements. Some authorities demand certificates that are no more than two years old. So, if you have a fair notion about what university to apply for or the profession that you are looking for, know their terms and conditions and apply for the test accordingly.  

The qualification of the teacher is a prominent thing to look upon. There are 6 levels on the German language learning scale: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2, where A1 is the elementary stage and C2 is the most advanced scale. The teacher’s language level should be at least C1. Classes may be conducted online and offline. While both the formats have equally qualified teachers and modes of teaching, the experience is quite subjective to the students.

Read reviews to know about the quality of teaching and the preparation process at a particular institute. Speak to the people who already enrolled in an institute.  A few other things have to be kept in mind like fees, timings, students per batch, frequency of mock tests, study materials and exam centres. When you are looking for an institute to learn German, it is also ideal to choose one which offers ÖSD exams. 

Choose wisely. 

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