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ÖSD vs Goethe: Which one should you choose?

Do you wish to work, live or study in Germany? Well, you will have to take a German language exam as a prerequisite. Knowing German has a wide range of benefits from better career options and effective communications with global partners. There are two main exams that can be taken, similar to English IELTS or TOEFL exams—ÖSD or Goethe. 

ÖSD stands for Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD). The ÖSD exam is recognised internationally as a proof of language competence in German. ÖSD fosters the concept of German being a pluricentric language; thus the standard varieties of the German speaking countries Austria, Switzerland and Germany (DACH countries) are equally represented in the exam. ÖSD certification works for those looking to work, study and live in these countries. Goethe is another German language proficiency exam for young people and adults, which certifies that the candidate has acquired advanced language skills. 

ÖSD exams are internationally recognised and range from A1 to C2 levels. Communicating on a basic level in simple situations of everyday life is the focus at the A1 and A2 levels. The B1 and B2 levels make you more proficient to carry out conversations with native speakers in a fluent and spontaneous way, as well as for professional use. C1 and C2 levels come unhandy for more complex communication, and may come in handy for certain advanced professional needs. 

All the four language skills—reading, listening, writing and speaking—are tested in the ÖSD exam. The exam is divided into written and oral parts (for all except B1 and C2). The written exam comprises reading, listening and writing. You can pass the written and oral exams separately. Goethe exams too range from levels A1 to C2. The levels of the Goethe exams are similar to that of the ÖSD exams. The Goethe B1 and the ÖSD B1 are lookalikes and were created together. You need at least a 60% mark to pass each module of this exam.

A huge benefit for ÖSD B2 is that it could be easier to clear as you only need to pass listening, reading and writing together with a score of 60% and speaking separately with 60%. You even have the added benefit of using dictionaries for this level only for the ÖSD exam.

You can choose either of these exams and get ready for confident conversations in German in a matter of weeks.

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